Christmas Crafting

Every year in January, I vow that next Christmas I'm going to make all my cards, presents, decorations, etc,  but when it comes to it, I can't face making Christmas things in September, (which is what I would need to do in order to get everything done). Consequently I leave everything to the last minute and run out of time, so have to resort to shop bought items. 

Having said that, tomorrow is 'Elf on the Twelfth' day at schools, when kids dress up as an elf to raise money for a chosen charity and I am reminded of the costume I made for my daughter a few years ago.

I also made her a Christmas stocking and crazily made an advent calendar last year despite being ill.  So here are the photos of what I have achieved!


I really enjoyed making this costume, although I used some stuffing I had to hand, for the edges of the dress, which was a nightmare to sew over as it kept getting tangled around the sewing machine foot - will only be using it for its intended purpose from now on! I made the felt boots to go on top of a pair of shoes, held on with elastic underneath and red pompoms for the bells. An old black T-shirt was cut up for the belt (there's always an old T-shirt involved) and lots of double sided sticky tape was used to hold everything in place. I was very pleased with the result, although my daughter was told by a fellow pupil that elves only wear red and green so her hat was the wrong colour. Kids learn stereotypes very early on!

Goodness knows what I was thinking when I made my daughter's stocking so big. She was more than happy though and thinks Father Christmas is great, whereas I'm rubbish and never get her anything, grr.

When I was a child, I put a pillowcase at the end of my bed and, with my mum being German, I had a continental sized pillow case, so I did pretty well too!

I made this stocking out of an old felt table protector we know longer used, which is made of fairly sturdy fabric and is also slightly fluffy which is nice for something christmassy.

Lastly, I made this rather mad eye-popping advent calendar. I had bought some neon sticky backed plastic, for no particular purpose, from a Homebase that was closing down. I decided to use it for this project, making tags in bauble and Christmas tree shapes and covering an old coat hanger in matching ribbon. My Christmases are always very neutral and natural, so this was somewhat of a departure. I was obviously craving some colour in my life at the time!

My daughter's jaw dropped when she saw it. She was used to the good old fashion picture advent calendars where you have to guess what is behind the next door, normally very exciting. Making this one, stuffed with sugary goodies, could have set a precedent, but after so much chocolate at Halloween and Christmas last year, I decided not to make another chocolate advent calendar this year, which was (eventually) graciously accepted. This was helped by the fact that my daughter made one for her Dad, so she looks forward, each morning, to opening their advent calendars together. A nice experience of giving rather than just getting.

Anyway, there will be treats a plenty at Christmas itself. Time now to start on writing those (shop bought) Christmas cards. I wish you all a very peaceful and happy Christmas. Here's to a productive new year!