Old School Desk

Last year we bought our daughter an old Victorian school desk for her birthday. She said how much she loved the old individual desks with lift-up lids and ink wells (after seeing Charlotte's web) and I managed to find this one with an attached chair. Needless to say it had graffiti, compass scratches and ink splats inside it (and, of course, the odd piece of chewing gum), so I sanded it down and lined it with paper. I was going to paint it (sacrilege I know) - but my daughter loves old fashioned things like battered brown suitcases, dolls in lace clothes and leather bound books with someone's dedication written inside in lovely calligraphy - so I decided to leave it for her to appreciate its patina. However, I wanted to inject some colour into her desk and give it a modern twist, so I bought pens, pencils, notebooks, rubber bands, satchel and washi tape in neon pink, coral, orange and blue. I love a colour theme! She was over the moon, which was lovely to see, especially as it was a complete surprise.

Neon mechanical pencils, neon pencil crayons (in Satchel), Rubber Bands, Washi Tape, Pencil Case, Pink A4 Notepad and Wallets: all Paperchase, Silvine notebooks: WHSmith, Kids Glasses: Claires Acc, Satchel: Ebay.