Handknit Cardigans

My daughter was given a hand knitted cardigan when she was little and the lady who made it, gave me the pattern. I had taught myself to knit many years ago. At that time I decided to start with a project that just involved the basic knit stitch and plumped for a cushion cover, which was a big mistake. It involved 12 balls of wool and took way too long to complete, by which time I was bored and frustrated. Well, receiving this ‘easy knit’ pattern gave me the impetus to start again. It is so much better to start on a small project, with a variety of stitches and skills to learn. I managed to complete the yellow cardigan with the help of a friend, books and invaluable you tube videos - what a god send they are. It contains a few mistakes, but I was very pleased with the finished result and the fact that I had completed something from start to finish. I’m never going to be one of those knitters who can watch tv and hold a conversation whilst knitting a jumper in an afternoon, but it brings me great pleasure and satisfaction. All the patterns are by Sirdar using Baby Bamboo yarn.