Toy Lion

My daughter is mad about The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and has fallen in love with Aslan. She seems to find reassurance, comfort and safety in his presence. So a couple of Christmases ago, she asked for a toy lion. Large toys being inordinately expensive and taking up a lot of room, I decided to buy her a usual sized toy and hoped that would satisfy her need. I did try and find one that looked as close to the image that she had in her head, but was still cuddly and I found one that has been produced for the National Gallery to represent the four majestic lions in Trafalgar Square, (see below). 

She was very happy with it and has loved (and chewed) it every day since, accompanying her to school and even appearing in the class photo! However, the urge to have a lion that she could sit and 'fly' away on, would not go away and earlier this year, she said "Mummy, can I give you a challenge"?

I searched the internet for a pattern but couldn't find one, but my daughter doesn't give up that easily when it comes to soft toys and managed to find one on eBay, a photocopy of a Jean Greenhow pattern from the 80s (I think) that she thought fit the bill.

So I ordered the pattern and then, when it arrived, realised I needed to enlarge the pattern on to metric paper by hand, which was something I hadn't done before. Not being a big sewer, I was pleasantly surprised when all the cut out pieces of fabric actually fitted together and which, six bags of stuffing later, actually resembled a lion!

My daughter wanted it to be her small lion's daddy, so I tried to match it to be more like him, than to the one in the pattern photo. Thankfully my daughter was delighted and 'Aslan' now sleeps on her bed with her cuddled up to him every night. Zzzzz