Birthday Party

Three years ago, we had a party for my daughters birthday. As you know by now, I love any excuse to decorate and style the house. I didn't want a themed party, like pirates or princesses, but I do like something to get my creative juices flowing. So instead, I based the scheme on a dress I bought for my daughter from Marks & Spencer, using the colours and geometric shapes as my starting point.

I jazzed up some party hats, from My Little Day, with tissue paper tassels, making some for the garland and also some bigger ones that the kids could hold in their hands to shake and float around with to music with, as kids like to do!

I used Washi tape to make the bunting - plain, chevron and spotty - and to make stripes on the paper plates. I popped striped paper straws in mint, yellow and pink in their cups, which were from Meri Meri.

As always, I tied some of the food into the scheme, offering Fox's Party Rings, Fondant Fancies and yellow striped lollies.

As well as the party games, I had a little craft table on the go, including origami style tattoos, by Wee Gallery, making paper folding fortune tellers and airplanes out of straws, thanks to a tutorial by Kersey Campbell on Handmade Charlotte, which fly surprisingly well!

It was also Easter so a few bunnies and pastel dyed easter eggs popped up too, along with an egg hunt. The sun shone and everyone had a nice time. 

Since then party paraphernalia and themes have grown exponentially, but I still look back at this party fondly, as it was this and the encouraging comments from other parents, that gave me the courage to pursue a creative path and share all the things I make and do on this blog.