Vintage ABC Book

My Mum has been fantastic and kept so many of our childhood toys and books from the 60s, 70s and 80s: Playmobil, Lego, Fisherprice, Galt and Ravensburger, to name but a few of the brands we had and which my daughter is now playing with and enjoying. They bring back so many happy memories and cosy feelings when we get them out. 

I love children's books illustrations. I worked in children's books for a long time and fantasised about being an illustrator at one point, so I have held on to some of the wonderful books I had as a child. I thought I would share some of them, on this blog.

Here are some photos taken from 'Mein Erster Brockhaus - Ein Buntes Bilder-ABC' from 1963 (my Mum is from Germany) with illustrations and design by Dieter von Andrian, Paul Froitzheim and Gerhard Wawra. I've picked out some nice neutral coloured pictures, many of which remind me of objects I used to discover at my grandparents and parents homes when I was little. I think they're fab and I shall post more soon.