Yellow, Grey and Coral Bedroom

We have a spare bedroom at the back of our house which we squeezed a double bed into and used as our guest room. We sleep at the front of the house in a lovely light airy room, but it is west facing onto the street, so we have an extremely bright street light to contend with, plus traffic, people walking past late at night and the south westerly weather that batters our windows and is cold in winter and baking hot in summer. 

We calculated that out of 365 days of the year, we only use the back bedroom about 5 nights of the year. So we have decided we should make better use of it, than to just use it to dry our laundry in!

First we considered it as a work room for me. Then we got to thinking about how we use the rest of the house. I often sit in our front bedroom of a summer evening reading a book where we can see the sea and watch the pink sun setting in a cloudless blue sky. Our lounge, sadly, is basically where we watch TV and little else, so we suddenly had the idea that we could sleep in the back bedroom, where is is peaceful, quiet, dark and cool and looks out onto the greenery from all the neighbouring gardens -  I also love waking up in a room where the sun rises - and use the front room as an alternative sitting room, with a sofa bed to relax on. 

Our bed of 25 years finally collapsed recently, with the help of our jumping daughter, so we bought the Jonah bed from Made in daffodil. We then had to decide how we were going to decorate our new bedroom. The yellow of the bed is actually quite a hard colour to coordinate with, as it is not a golden yellow nor an acid citrine yellow, but I have come up with a scheme that I think works.

Here are my ideas on a moodboard. I have also created my Pinterest page for Paper and Chalk, with my first board full of my yellow, grey and coral (with a hint of mint) ideas. Hope you find them inspiring.

I've started buying a few bits for the bedroom. I intend to do an Ikea hack on the chest of drawers. I shall post some 'after' pictures when we have finished. The first big hurdle is for me and my husband to agree on a paint colour. Who knew there were so many shades of grey!