Upcycled Shelf

I've always wanted a little shelving unit for my daughter's bits and bobs. I intended to buy a vintage printer's tray and paint it, but then I found an old white shelf leaning against the wall of someone's house, with a sign saying 'please take me'. Finding something for free is always a bonus (and saves you time schlepping round junk shops) and also an incentive to make your find into something special. So I brought it home, gave it a good scrub, painted some of the squares with Docrafts paint and cut out pieces of old wallpaper samples to fit the rest of the holes. The best part was picking out all the bits and pieces to match.

My daughter is mad about fluffy white dogs. Every time I get a copy of Mollie Makes, she says "can you make that and that". So I made her the poodle finger puppet, from Issue 26 and the mini white Chihuahua, from Issue 3. I also had some tiny wooden counters from an old game of Risk, which I painted to make little building blocks for her baby bunny to play with.

It was lovely to watch my daughter discovering it and, with a delighted look on her face, delving into a new world of play with all the creatures and things in their new 'homes'.