'Schultüte' - School Cone

In Germany it is traditional for children to receive a 'Schultüte' from their family on their first day of school. They are filled with all the (fun) bits and pieces you need for school, like pens and erasers, but also treats like sweets, stickers and small toys, to make it a bit like delving into your stocking at Christmas. 

As my Mum is German, I thought it would be fun to make one for my daughter's first day of school, to carry on the tradition. Of course, as kids start school so early in England, my daughter didn't really need any school supplies, but I filled it with school inspired toys instead, like a skipping rope, playground chalk and a practice shoe to learn how to tie your laces. 

For the cone, I chose a school colour palette of red and blue using gingham paper to decorate the cone and gingham tape to wrap the pressies - what says starting school in England more than gingham?! I made a matching tag with my daughter's name on it and tied it all up with, you guessed it, gingham ribbon.

My daughter was über excited to receive it, as it was a complete surprise. It was also rather large compared to my mum's school cone, as you can see from the photo of my Mum, with hers, in 1945 -  my German relatives thought it was hilarious. To compensate, there was a teeny one inside my daughter's Schultüte that came with the Playmobil school set. 

It was nice to create a happy memory for an event in a child's life that can often be a bit tricky and emotional.