Sophie Robinson's Colour Workshop

A year ago in March, I booked myself onto a one day Colour Workshop run by the friendly, knowledgeable and infectiously enthusiastic Sophie Robinson (See Sophie's blog post from 10th March 2017). The day was all about colour - finding your unique colour palette, playing around with colour combinations and creating mood boards (my favourite hobby) and immersing ourselves in Sophie’s passion for all things colourful, through a feast of interiors images, learning about colour theory (and how to bend the rules) and a brief look at seasonal colour psychology.

It was a cosy intimate affair and we all had our different reasons for wanting to play around with colour. Some people wanted to feel more confident about decorating with colour in their own homes and move away from the white and beige walls that surrounded them. Others wanted to inject some colour into their interior based work lives. I was (and still am) at the stage of wanting to return to work after seven years of looking after my daughter.

It’s only since becoming a Mum that it’s become clear to me that I want to go down the stylist route, in fact, that I should have done this a long time ago. I have been making interior mood boards since I was old enough to ‘cut and stick’. (I still have a whole load of boards I did in the mid nineties. Given the fashion for all things late eighties to early nineties, they’ll be back in fashion soon)! 

So I did the course to get the juices flowing and give me the confidence to believe in my ‘visual eye’. My Dad has since passed away and he was such a believer in me, that I’m determined to do something creative.

Here are some photos of my mood boards in response to the day. I put together the first Navy and Copper mood board on the course. When I got home, I was on a roll, so I made a list of words associated with my mood board and picked out colours from my Pantone postcards. I think I must have fallen into the Zeitgeist without knowing it, as there were a lot of deep blue and metallic colour schemes floating around the following Christmas.

Sophie talked briefly about Fiona Humberstone’s Seasonal Colour Psychology that Fiona (aka The Brand Stylist) writes about in her book ‘How to Style your Brand’. My mood board fell into the Autumn camp and I have just made two more mood boards based on the colours from my original board. I am seriously thinking of decorating our downstairs based on one of these boards! They make me very happy. I think I fit the Autumn personality best, but I love to do mood boards for all the seasons. As anyone following me on Instagram will know, I've gone very Spring at the moment!

My next mood board is going to be a response to Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Ultra Violet’. Funnily enough, when I was writing a blog post in September about blackberry picking, plums, and all things purple, I thought about doing an interior mood board using these Autumn fruit colours. I thought this might be a nice challenge, especially as purple is a colour you don’t see very often in people’s homes. 

You can read all about the Autumn Personality and the other three season personalities and styles on Sophie’s blog - she has just produced four room schemes for Habitat based around each season - and decide which personality you are. Sophie runs Colour Workshops in Brighton and London and also a Colour Psychology Course for creatives with Fiona Humberstone The Brand Stylist.